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How Peppermint Pig's™ Are Made

Have you ever wondered how our famous Peppermint Pig's™ are made? Learn about our Peppermint Pig™ making process below.


Each pig is hand made at our family run facility in Halfmoon, New York. We use the finest ingredients to produce this sweet treat.
On the right you see our head chef and owner at the stove heating up the ingredients.


The process starts in the fall of each year, when the weather starts to cool (warm, humid weather prevents proper curing). Then the folks at Saratoga Sweets gear up to produce that year's batch of Peppermint Pigs™ (for delivery between Columbus Day and New Year's Day), which have brought cheer to so many generations for the holidays.


The first step is mixing the right combination of ingredients and cooking them to just the perfect temperature to form the sweet candy everyone craves. Temperature is critical in candy making. If it is too cold the candy will not setup correctly and if it is too hot it will burn.


While thoroughly mixing in the final ingredients to the mixture, the penetrating smell of peppermint can make your eyes water.


The liquid peppermint solution is then individually poured into our custom designed Peppermint Pig™ molds and allowed to cool.


After cooling, the pig is released from the mold, cleaned and trimmed by hand.


To ensure quality and preserve freshness each Peppermint Pig™ is heat-sealed.


The Peppermint Pig™ is then carefully boxed with the pouch, hammer and story by our dedicated staff.

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Have you ever wondered how our famous Peppermint Pigs™ are made?
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